A Message from the President


As 2016-2018 President, I warmly welcome you to the Philippine Nurses Association of Arizona (PNAAZ). PNAAZ is a non-profit organization committed to empowering Filipino- American nurses in the great state of Arizona to achieve excellence in nursing practice, education, administration, and research. PNAAZ takes pride in being an active member of the Filipino-American community.

 “Rediscover Your Passion” is the theme for the year 2016-2018.  The theme aligns with the President of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) mantra- “Innovate and Be Inspired.” One of top objectives of the PNAA President is to increase membership, thereby fostering creativity as a necessary part of innovation.   Rediscover your passion is a creative form to challenge each of us and to ponder upon discovering what is it that we truly love the most? I firmly believe that each of us has a calling.  

Allow me to tell you the rich history of PNAAZ in the realm of mentorship and service to the community and the individual.  During the early years of PNAAZ, the theme was TLC - Tender Loving Care, right? Definitely not! TLC meant Teamwork, Leadership, and Coaching. Early on, these values became the heartbeat of PNAAZ. It seemed that God’s hands were at work in the early organization PNAAZ. When a sudden influx of Filipino nurses came from the Philippines, PNAAZ was ready to assist them in any way possible. God’s perfect timing indeed! These newly arrived nurses were mentored in their personal and professional needs. It started from picking up them up from the airport, to grocery shopping, to taking them to the Motor Vehicle Division for procurement of identification cards, etc.  PNAAZ held several free “Skills Lab Days” for the novice nurses. Seasoned and experts nurses taught a myriad of courses within the scope of nursing practice.  These undertakings paved the way to our annual PNAAZ educational conferences, designed to enrich professional development and as means of raising funds for the organization, so we can continue to realize the values of PNAAZ.

One of the most unforgettable and tearful memories was when one of our young colleagues suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm, two months after she arrived. She was in critical condition.  PNAAZ acted immediately and subsequent actions were admirable, with unsurpassable prayers, PNAAZ members took turns with daily visitations.  These acts of kindness did not stop there, the late PNAAZ President Evita Saquilayan and on behalf of the patient’s parents wrote a benevolent letter to the American embassy in the Philippines. The parents were granted Visas to travel and visit their ailing daughter. When they came, PNAAZ was there to greet them. I am proud to say that as of today, PNAAZ continues to achieve its vision and mission.

After citing two important of the many PNAAZ experiences, I hope it gave you an inspiration to be a productive and vital member to the success of PNAAZ.  Thank you for joining us to rediscover your passion!


Emma Pagalunan Rosales, BSN RN
President 2016-2018

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