Committees Serve Your Colleagues and the Community




Community Outreach:

  • Responsible for community service activities

Bylaws Committee:

  • Formulation, development, and review of by-laws
  • Submission of changes and amendments to Executive Council and Board of Directors

Election Committee:

  • Responsible for nomination and election proceedings, tallying of ballots, and
    repolling of results

Awards Committee:

  • Determination and publication of the qualifications and criteria for awards
  • Review of applications and selection of awardees for submission to the Executive

Ways and Means:

  • Identifation of resources and logistics to augment the treasury
  • Provides ways and means for bringing issues of concern to the attention of
    the Executive Council and the PNAAZ members
  • Coordination with the Professional Action Committee in planning and
    soliciting advertising campaign for the newsletter

Education Committee:

  • Development and implementation of educational programs to meet identified
    needs of members

Membership Committee:

  • Responsible for recruitment/retention of members

Community Outreach:

  • Responsible for community service activities

Program and Cultural Affairs:

  • Collaboration with other organizations and agencies in addressing and
    supporting community health issues that affect the nursing profession and
    healthcare in the State of Arizona

Mentoring Committee:

  • Responsible for community service activities

Human Rights Committee

  • Evaluation of issues relating to human rights
  • Recommendation of  policies and positions on human rights to the Executive Board
    at the annual meeting

Research Committee

  • Planning and implementation of research programs for general membership

Scholarship Committee

  • Development of criteria for the selection of annual scholarship grant to a nurse
    pursuing advancement in their nursing career
  • Review of scholarship applications of the candidates and selection of candidates for recommendation to the
    Executive Council

Publication and Newsletter

  • Publication organizational newsletter

Website and Online Communications

  • Content development, electronic communication, and social media

Resources and Info

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