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  • Privilege of Representation. As a member of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) and the Philippine Nurses Association of  Arizona(PNAAZ),along with the 10,000 Filipino-American nurses in the United States, you are represented in various professional organizations, government agencies, community groups and other coalitions.
  • Networking. Opportunities for networking with experts in your own field of specialty when participating in our professional activities at the local, state, national and international level.
  • Educational Opportunities. Discounted fees to educational programs at the chapter, regional, national and international level. PNAAZ have Spring and Fall educational conferences every year.
  • Leadership Development. Various opportunities to develop your leadership skills and learning are endless. Participation will also help you achieve that promotion, merit increase and hasten your clinical ladder.
  • Interactive Website. Gain access into members only sections of the PNAA website.
  • Subscription to the online version of the Journal of the Philippine Nurses Association of America and the Philippine Nurses Association of Arizona. A free Minority Nurse magazine is mailed to you because you become an automatic member of the National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurses Association(NCEMNA).
  • Serving Your Colleague and the Community. You will have the privilege of serving as a delegate, officer, or committee member at the local and national level, vote on important issues, decisions and actions that affect the Filipino American nurses and the Asian Community at large. Mentoring a newly arrived nurse is a long time purpose of PNAAZ. Opportunities to participate in community outreach projects of PNAAZ as health screenings and education, “Feeding the Seniors” and “Feeding the Homeless” and extend help to those nurses in need and even our “kababayans” back home.
  • Staying in Touch. Members  are alumni of different schools and colleges of Nursing in the Philippines and the United States. Activities are featured in the Website and in the Journals/Newsletters. Check out the Photo Gallery of PNAAZ.
  • Cultural enrichment. Maintaining the rich culture and traditions of the Philippines like participating in activities like the Philippine Independence Day Celebration in June and the “Simbang Gabi” in December.
  • Scholarships for both CEU and Degree Programs.

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