Caring for patients is the primary role of nurses. They are in charge of taking care f health and well-being of every patient regardless of ethnic, religion, race, age, etc. Nurses are also responsible for communicating with other health professionals such as doctors and specialists. They are the ones who deliver medical records of patients to doctors. Other duties of nurses include administering medicine and treatment.

They are also responsible for checking up on vital signs of patients. Nurses basically have many duties and responsibilities to fulfill. It is not an easy job to handle. It requires good stamina and energy both physically and mentally.

What Nurses Do
Nurses Responsibility 

In the U.S itself, nurses make up for the biggest health care job. Nurses are always in demand. They play vital role in health care facilities. Job opportunities in high demand. Nursing is not an easy profession but it’s also rewarding both personally and professionally. Nurses are often viewed as life-saver just like doctors. Doctors usually specialize in particular area. However, nurses work in various situation and circumstances. They are required to coordinate the care for patient’s all aspect of health.

Nurses are basically caregivers or care providers. Doctors only take action accordingly and in certain period. Meanwhile, nurses are responsible to monitor from the start to finish. They are required to ensure prescriptions properly so they won’t interact negatively with one another. In general, nurses are more than doctor’s handmaidens like what they were seen in the past. Nurses have very great responsibility to the overall care of every patient.

Should nurses be registered?

A nurse should be registered in order to be able to provide proper care and monitor patients with the right procedure. Obtaining a nurse degree is a must for a nurse. Not to mention that they also should pass special exam call NCLEX-RN. There are also other licensing requirements that might be required differently in different state. To be a nurse, you should obtain at least an associate degree. It is the minimum education for you to get to have the NCLEX-RN exam. However, the demand has increased today. Most of employers are looking for nurses with bachelor’s degree.

nurse should be registered
nurse should be registered

Where are nurse’s workplaces?

It is easy to find registered nurses who work in hospitals. However, not all of them work there. There is wide range of facilities in which nurses can fulfill their roles such as pharmacies, bola 88,  schools, urgent care centers, home health care settings, clinics, doctor’s offices, etc. The basic role of nurses is to provide care to patients and assist health professionals. Thus, they can work basically anywhere patients are located.

You can see nurses who work at homes of patients with disabilities or elderly patients. Nurses’ skills are wide in range. They are skilled with various types of care. However, there are also nurses specialize in specific fields such as pediatrics, critical care, case management, treatment planning, or geriatrics. Specific nursing fields mean different education requirements.

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