It is already known that nurses are the best when it comes to provide care and support to their patients. They are thorough and always all out in fulfilling the needs of patients and families. However, nurses are also a very stressing job with wide range of responsibilities and duties at

Their roles are not only around patients but also in their workplace in general. They are required to do paperwork, reviewing patient’s result from the labs, communicating important matters with other health care professionals, etc. As the results, nurses often neglect their own health. It is easy to find nurses who are not taking care of themselves properly.

Nurses Neglecting Their Own Health
Nurses Neglecting Their Own Health


There are so many indication if a nurse taking care of their health or not. Neglecting their own health can lead nurses to suffer from various complications and health problems. They are at higher risk of experiencing chronic fatigues, cognitive decline, burnout, and more. Here are signs and symptoms of nurses are not taking of themselves:

  • Gaining weight. It doesn’t mean nurses are not allow to gain some weight while fulfilling their role as caregiver. However, gaining weight significantly can be a sign of something wrong with your work-life balance or diet. Not to mention that gaining more weight can reduce the agility to move which can cause another stress trigger for nurses. If the weight is already increased, some exercises and well-balanced diet can help.
  • Constant pain. Nurse is a job where your physical fitness is required to be at the top almost all the time. However, it is impossible for body to stay fit all day long with vigorous workloads. Experiencing pain in particular areas such as feet and hands are common for nurses. However, constant aches can also be the sign of nurses neglecting their health. The pain can get worse over the time if it’s not handled properly.
Nurses Neglecting Their Own Health
Nurses Neglecting Their Own Health
  • Difficulty to sleep is also the sign of heath depleting. It is such an irony for nurses because one of their daily duties is to encourage their patients to rest well and have proper sleep. Meanwhile, nurses themselves have so little time to rest and get sleep. Sometimes, severe fatigue often lead to difficulty to sleep instead.
  • Easily irritated or angry is also one of the sign nurses are not taking care of their own health properly. It is because irritability can be the symptoms of stress or burnout. The most common cause is lack of breaks. It affect the emotional feeling of nurses when they lack of proper rest. They are easily irritated, angry, or even overwhelmed with the smallest things.
  • Difficulty to focus is also a sign nurses are neglecting their health. Keep in mind that nurse is a very demanding and challenging job. With the abundance of workload and responsibilities, it is easy to lose focus somewhere. Focus is critical element for nurse to function because they are almost always needed. If it happens, it is time to get health back on track to avoid more serious problems.

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