The Types of nurses are various. Having careers as nurses will help you to take many advantages of wider opportunities and career advancement. You need to know that every type of nurse will have different roles.

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses play a central role to help healthcare organizations provide quality care to growing and diverse patients. The Registered Nurses’ positions will grow faster in around 2026 as the demand will also be expected to grow by 15 percent. The minimum education required is a bachelor science degree or associate’s degree.

Certified Registered Nurses Anaesthetist

The education requirement for working as Certified Registered Nurses Anaesthetist is a Master’s Degree, and you need to have Registered Nurse Licenses. The expected job growth is the same as the previous type of nurses. For the next year, this job will grow by approximately 16 percent. If you are interested in assisting the patients before, during, and after the surgeries, becoming a CRNA will be a suitable type of nurses.

Critical Care Nurse

The minimum degree to be a Critical Care Nurse is a Bachelor of Science Degree, nurses also have to have a Registered Nursing license. This expected job growth for this nursing role is 19%. It has the same job role as the Registered Nurses, but the critical one is trained to care for the victims of traumatic events.

Critical Care Nurse
Critical Care Nurse

Family Nurse Practitioner

One type of nurses is Family Nurse Practitioner which is suitable for those who are willing to work as nurses for all ages. The minimum educational background is a Master’s Degree in Nursing, you also need to own a Registered Nursing license.

Mental Health Nurse

The expected job growth for being a Mental Health Nurse is considered high for the next few years, at least 31%. Besides working in a hospital, a mental health nurse will be placed in psychiatric facilities or rehabilitation centers. If you are interested in the mental and emotional health issue, you may choose this specialty.

Cardiac Nurse

Heart disease becomes a leading cause of death in some countries. That is why cardiac nurses become one type of nurses that will grow around 16% for the next few years. The demand will grow rapidly along with the raising of heart disease patients. As cardiac nurses, you will be working in rehab and home care centers and hospitals.

Cardiac Nurse
Cardiac Nurse

ER Nurse

The ER nurse is suitable for those who would like to assist patients with a wide variety of wounds or injuries since they will be placed in the Emergency Room. All registered Nurse license is required to be an ER nurse. They will perform several tasks after doing the stabilization and evaluation of the patients.

Travel Nurse

This type of nurse might be something new for some people. Travel nurses will work based on contract, they also move from one place to another. Work to assist patients from many locations. The salary range depends on the location and contract that they do. If you want to help others while gaining your personal experience, being a travel nurse might be the best type of nurse.

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