Role of Nurses is different depending on the type of nurses they are. In general, nurses are a caregiver and help the patients with their medical needs. Specifically, the nurses will meet the needs of their patients by seeing specific health conditions.

Working as Nurse: Role of Nurses
Working as Nurse: Role of Nurses
Types of Nurse

There are hundreds of types of nurses you need to know. We have a registered nurse who plays a central role in healthcare management in general. We also have a med-surgical nurse, who has responsibilities to take care of multiple patients at one time. An ER nurse is the one you will meet in an emergency room. A nurse that helps you to observe and provide urgent care to people.

Nursing Process

Yet, no matter the type of nurses you are, there will be 5 basic things that all nurses do. We are going to have it step by step. The first one is the assessment. The nurse will assess their patients’ economic, lifestyle, social, and physiological basis. In this assessment process, they need to pay attention to detail, to irregularities, to every single problem. Then, they have to translate it into the second process, diagnosis. While doing the assessment, nurses have to make sure that their patients are comfortable. Nurses will build trust with the patients. Gaining trust in the patients will help themselves by having fewer barriers to their cure. Nurses need to have two things, patience, and trust.

Working as Nurse: Role of Nurses
Working as Nurse: Role of Nurses

Another role of nurses is diagnosis. Nurses will look closely at the symptoms or patient behavior, then they will form a diagnosis. The third one is planning. After forming the diagnosis, the nurses then can formulate specific goals for the recovery of their patients. After that is the implementation. After scheduling the medical plan, nurses will be implementing the plan while observing whether the plan is working or not. The last one is evaluation, to see whether the medication is effective. They need to study the response of the patients to achieve good outcomes.

Every nurse is an educator. After the patients leave the hospitals, for instance, sometimes they have to take care of themselves. The nurse will educate the patients and the family on how to handle illness, to understand the symptoms, as well as having a medical plan.

One thing that sometimes people don’t pay attention to the role of nurses is that they also must take care of the patients’ families. The family may experience devastating moments, and a nurse must provide emotional support.

Nurse Career

The nurse is a promising career since the demand for this work will raise around 10% for the next few years. The demand is in line with the health problem we now face in the world.

The nurse is not working only in a hospital. Again, it depends on their specialties. Yet, to be working in wider opportunities, you may need additional licenses or certificates. Nurses may work as a clinical nurse educator, nurse advocates, home health nurses, or public health one. They can also work as a travel nurse or telephone triage nurse.

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