There are more than 25 types of nurses so here we will show you about different types of nurses and what they do. Many people consider pursuing a career in nursing.

The good news is that there are so many types of nurses. On the other hand, you need to consider which specific path that works for you.

Registered Nurse

When it comes to different types of nurses and what they do in real life, registered nurses or RNs would be on top of the list. This term is commonly found in America’s hospital.

The presence of RNs is essential since they help healthcare establishments run smoothly. Generally, RNs must be familiar with a series of works such as assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

All about Nurses – Types of Nurses and What They Do in Real Life
All about Nurses – Types of Nurses and What They Do in Real Life
Licensed Practical Nurse

The next on the list we have LPNs or LVNs. The term stands for Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse – the latter is used in a few states.

LPNs work under the monitor of RNs. The duties are similar to RNs but in smaller scopes since their school time is shorter than RNs.

Still, LPNs are important – they are the ones that deal with a patient’s immediate care such as administering medication, treating wounds, and taking vitals.

All about Nurses – Types of Nurses and What They Do in Real Life
All about Nurses – Types of Nurses and What They Do in Real Life
Clinical Nurse Specialist

If you ever found nurses that treated specific cases then they must be CNSs or the Clinical Nurse Specialist. They are highly trained and educated in a specific area of treatment or medicine.

It is safe to say that CNSs are experts. They can be found in intensive care units and emergency rooms, treating cancers or diabetes, and so on.

Of course, it takes a long yet windy road to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist. However, the payoff is amazingly worth it.

They are educated and have a strong mentoring ability. When it comes to the most effective treatment possible, CNSs know better.

Certified Nursing Assistant

As its name suggests, the Certified Nursing Assistant or CNAs is helping RNs and LPNs to run the routines. Whenever patients need something immediately, CNAs will be the first who take care of them.

They are also responsible or reporting changes in the patients’ condition to nurses and even doctors. We can say that CNAs are professionals that connect you with doctors and nurses.

Keep in mind that they have several differences with LPNs. CNAs are not allowed to do intensive duties such as suggesting treatment plans or administer medication.

Nurse Practitioner

Talking about the most in-demand jobs in today’s healthcare world, NPs or Nurse Practitioner should be on the list. NPs take extremely broad job desks while CNSs have specific areas to handle.

They also have “full practice authority” that makes them able to conduct medical research independently at some point. Of course, it takes a long road too to take someone to be an NP. Still, the payoff is quite worth it and sweet.

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