The nurse is one of the professional medical teams that provide health services. Especially comprehensive nursing services by helping clients meet health basic needs. Nursing as a form of professional service that is an integral part of the health service based on the science and tips of nursing.

Here is the role of a nurse in the medical realm you must know.

6 Important Role of Nurse in the Medical Realms
6 Important Role of Nurse in the Medical Realms

Nurses can provide services directly and indirectly to the clients. They can use a nursing process approach that includes: reviewing to collect the correct data and information, diagnosing based on the results of the analysis, planning an act as an effort to solve the problems. Then, they can carry out nursing actions following existing plans and conducting evaluations based on the client’s response to the nursing service that has been provided.

6 Important Role of Nurse in the Medical Realms
6 Important Role of Nurse in the Medical Realms

The educator is also a type of nurse that besides working on their jobs in improving their health. They needs to distribute the knowledge related to nursing and medical actions.  The clients should receive so that either the client or the family can be more accepting of the condition and the steps are taken.


Nurses help to provide counseling to clients, families, and also the public about health issues according to priorities. Counseling is usually based on health experiences, which is focused on changing life behaviors towards healthy living behaviors.


The nurse is a liaison between the client and other medical teams. The goals are no other than to meet the client’s needs and help to inform about all the health terms by professional approach. The role of nurse in advocacy also requires nurses to act as speakers. Nurse also can be a facilitators in the decision-making stage of health efforts that must be carried out by the clients. Nurses should be able to protect and facilitate families and communities in nursing services.

Change agent 

The professional nurse not only serves and facilitates the clients but is also required to make changes in the client’s behavior, especially to implement a healthier lifestyle. As the change agent, they should transfer the knowledge, awareness of attitudes, and improving skills in clients related. This is certainly not easy, considering there will be many clients who find it difficult to change their behavior.


The whole medical team consists of a lot of professional people in each field. Of course, there will be many differences in treatment regarding the medical actions they are supposed to take. The nurse also cooperates with other health teams and also the client’s families in determining the plan and implementation of nursing care to meet the health needs of clients.

Thus the information about the role of nurse in medical realms. It will help you to understand more about the nurse services. You can hire the type of nurse that meets all the qualifications you need, but not all of them understand the important roles.

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