Nursing is one of the professions that have a field of work on human welfare that is by assisting either healthy and disabled individuals to be able to carry out the functions of daily life. One of regulating the relationship between nurses is ethical. Nurse ethic and moral terms are often used interchangeably.

Working as an Ethical Nurse
Working as an Ethical Nurse

When working, nurses must have the qualifications enough and have self-ability to make choices and decisions to be respected and not to be influenced by other professions.

Otherwise, nurses must know that every person has the autonomy to integrate all of their actions based or their mindset without being controlled or being told by others, so is the nurse to the client. The nurse should respect a client’s rights when they are deciding how they should be treated.


Do something virtuous. The nurse should work based on the principle of doing good to the client. No matter who the client is, or their behavior outside.

Working as an Ethical Nurse
Working as an Ethical Nurse

Nurses have to work according to their knowledge concerning fairness, whoever the clients are. No matter what the type of nurse is, giving their best treatment equally. Treat the clients with the same rules, the same standard of practice as long as it doesn’t violate the medical laws.


Every nurse should understand and apply this nurse ethic. It means to not cause harm and injury either physically or psychologically due to the practice of nursing care given to individuals or groups.


When nursing, there is often a condition when it may be hard, to tell the truth about everything related to the client’s circumstances during treatment, either for clients or even their family.

Nurses must be truthful in every nursing service to the clients and to ensure that the client understands their medical condition very well.

However, some arguments are saying there are limits to honesty to avoid the client’s misdiagnosis or to not let the client’s down. Every client has the right to obtain full information about his/her health condition. Truth is the basis for building a relationship of mutual trust.


Every nurse needs a qualification to keep the promises, especially to clients. Be loyal to their demands as long as it is for their best and remember to work following the role of nurse, which is to improve health, prevent disease, and minimize suffering to clients.


Any necessary information about the client should be covered to the public, let alone the client’s medical records. The only people who can know the documents are the related people whose purpose is in the framework of the client’s remedies.

Discussions about clients outside the service area, relaying to friends or family about clients, even with other people in the same sector should be avoided.


Nurses work in areas where emotionally, conflict is hard to avoid. Regardless of the condition, taking full responsibility for the medical actions that have been taken as long as the nurse has already done everything based on the procedure.

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