Do you know the nurse services to the patient? Well, apart from doctors, other medical personnel who you will often encounter when visiting health facilities such as health centers or hospitals are nurses. In addition to playing an important role in caring for patients, sometimes doctors will also have difficulty handling patients if not assisted by nurses.

The task of the nurse itself is to provide nursing services to patients, families, or the community and is responsible for improving health, health services, and preventing disease.

Some Nurse Services or Skills That Should Be Done Well
Some Nurse Services or Skills That Should Be Done Well

To be able to do these tasks, nurses must have a number of skills, including:

Able to provide nursing care

Nursing care is a series of interactions between nurses and patients and their environment in order to meet patient needs. These activities are the ones you see or feel most often. Some things that are included in nursing care, for example, are:

  • make the bed
  • move the patient walking towards the chair
  • adjust the patient’s lying position
  • measure body temperature
  • bathe the patient
  • changing wound dressings
  • give a compress
  • give medication according to a schedule arranged by the doctor
  • record the amount of urine and fluid intake of the patient
  • draw blood for investigations, and much more.
Able to be a counselor and counselor for patients

In addition to taking medical action, nurses must also communicate well with patients. Nurses are required to be able to provide information to patients about their health conditions, disease prevention, and other health improvement efforts.

In addition, together with doctors, nurses must also be able to be involved in counseling patients and their families to determine patient treatment.

Some Nurse Services or Skills That Should Be Done Well
Some Nurse Services or Skills That Should Be Done Well
Carry out the tasks assigned to him

It also includes nurse services. In practice in the field, doctors often find it difficult to do their job because of the large number of patients or have to deal with emergency patients. In this condition, the doctor will delegate tasks to the nurse.

The nurse must be able to do it properly and appropriately. The delegation’s duties include checking the patient’s vital signs (blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and temperature), providing information about diseases and treatment plans, and providing basic immunizations according to government programs.

In addition to delegate duties, there is also what is called a mandated task, where doctors still supervise the tasks that are their responsibility, but nurses are doing it. Examples include inserting urinary tract catheters and suturing wounds. Therefore, during their education, nurses must master these things.

Able to serve in a situation of limitations

Every nurse must be ready when placed in a limited area, where there are no other health workers, limited medicine and facilities, or even access to remote referral health facilities.

In this condition, nurses must still be able to provide treatment for common diseases in accordance with the available facilities. If necessary, the nurse will also usually provide a referral to the patient on the doctor’s instructions.

Providing first aid in emergency situations

In an emergency setting, nurses may provide first aid to save the patient’s life and prevent further disability. Examples of first aid that can be done are heart pumps in cardiac arrest, providing breath assistance, and so on.

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