Some Nurse Services or Skills That Should Be Done Well

Do you know the nurse services to the patient? Well, apart from doctors, other medical personnel who you will often encounter when visiting health facilities such as health centers or hospitals are nurses. In addition to playing an important role in caring for patients, sometimes doctors will also have difficulty handling patients if not assisted […]

Working as an Ethical Nurse

Nursing is one of the professions that have a field of work on human welfare that is by assisting either healthy and disabled individuals to be able to carry out the functions of daily life. One of regulating the relationship between nurses is ethical. Nurse ethic and moral terms are often used interchangeably. Autonomy When […]

5 Nurse Duties and Responsibilities That Might Surprise You

When it comes to the nurse duties and responsibilities, you may only name a few. Some huge misconceptions are also out there about this job. However, there is a lot you need to know. The nursing world is extremely broad. This is also one of the most trusted specialties out there. The presence is highly […]

6 Important Role of Nurse in the Medical Realms

The nurse is one of the professional medical teams that provide health services. Especially comprehensive nursing services by helping clients meet health basic needs. Nursing as a form of professional service that is an integral part of the health service based on the science and tips of nursing. Here is the role of a nurse […]

All about Nurses – Types of Nurses and What They Do in Real Life

There are more than 25 types of nurses so here we will show you about different types of nurses and what they do. Many people consider pursuing a career in nursing. The good news is that there are so many types of nurses. On the other hand, you need to consider which specific path that […]

Working as Nurse: Role of Nurses

Role of Nurses is different depending on the type of nurses they are. In general, nurses are a caregiver and help the patients with their medical needs. Specifically, the nurses will meet the needs of their patients by seeing specific health conditions. Types of Nurse There are hundreds of types of nurses you need to know. […]

Type of Nurses: Fast Growing Nursing Field

The Types of nurses are various. Having careers as nurses will help you to take many advantages of wider opportunities and career advancement. You need to know that every type of nurse will have different roles. Registered Nurses Registered nurses play a central role to help healthcare organizations provide quality care to growing and diverse patients. […]

Signs Of Nurses Neglecting Their Own Health

It is already known that nurses are the best when it comes to provide care and support to their patients. They are thorough and always all out in fulfilling the needs of patients and families. However, nurses are also a very stressing job with wide range of responsibilities and duties at Their roles are […]

Stress Relieving Foods And Drinks For Nurses

Nurse is a one of the jobs with high risk of chronic stress and even burnout. Not to mention it is often a thankless profession. Dealing with the abundance of workload, fatigue, long hours shifts, abusive patients and their families or even doctors, short-staffing, are what lead nurse to experience stress. Not to mention that […]

Find out Symptoms of Nurse Burnout And How to Handle It

Experiencing burnout is highly possible for nurses with their excessive workload and long hours work. It is bound to happen for nurses to experience stress or even burnout at some points. It is especially most likely to happen when they are positioned in higher-stress area such as ER. Dealing with patients who need immediate care […]