Nurse Duties And Beyond

Most people though that the job of nurses is to care for patients and monitoring their progress throughout the treatments in health care environment. However, their duties are beyond that. Nurses are not only doctor’s assistant. In fact, they play vital role to the well-being of patient. Their roles are very needed in every medical settings. That’s why nurse is one of the highest in demand jobs.

Nurse Duties
Nurse Duties

Registered Nurse

However, being a nurse is not so easy. You might be able to pursue required education in order to become a registered nurse. You can also take bachelor’s degree in order to be hired by promising employers. However, the reality of what nurses do and what their responsibilities are can be daunting. It is not a job for the weak. Physical and mental strength are required to become reliable, professional nurse.

Basically, nursing is a very technical works. There are already clear procedure to follow to ensure the cleanliness and safety of patients. Every protocols are meant to be followed by nurse regardless of any situation. It requires great focus and attention to follow every protocol to make sure that what they do won’t harm patients. Clinical requirements and emotional works are hard to balance. Nurses basically deal with those aspect on daily basis. Critical thinking is also very much needed in a nurse because it what helps them fulfill their role perfectly.

Nurse Duties
Nurse Duties

Being a nurse today is not so easy because things have changed. Nurses are required to adapt to every change including in the matter of technology. In medical settings, technology is also used. With advanced technology the system in the medical settings is also changed. Nurses are responsible to keep up-to-date in the matters of nursing and health care. In some health care settings, nurses may be required to learn more about the specific programs to fully comprehend new technologies used by the facility.

Nurse Duties

A nurse also has duty to analyze various variables happening to the patient’s health condition. Analyzing, investigating and assessing are parts of patient’s duties. They should assess the situation to know how every issue affects their patients. Nurses should comprehend of what treatments and interventions needed for patients. They also should predict or anticipate what could be wrong and respond accordingly.

Nurse Duties
Nurse Duties

As for workplaces of nurses, it is not only hospitals. Nurses are in high demand to fulfill their role in wide variety of medical settings. They can work at various places such as dadu online sites, schools, pharmacy, urgent health care facilities, etc. There are also specialized career options for nurses to pursue. Nurses can also pursue specific fields such as pediatrics, treatment planning, case management, etc.

Furthermore, nurse is a such a diverse occupation with huge and complex responsibilities. Everyone can become a professional, reliable nurse by pursuing required education and passing required exams. Nurse is also a unique profession because everyone has their own touches, talents, and experiences to put into their role. Nurse is a profession where hands, brains, and hearts are equally vital to fulfill the role.

Challenges Faced By Nurses

Nurse is a challenging profession and it’s not for the weak. It requires great physical and mental strength. Providing care for patients may sound easy but it’s not in reality. Nurses have to monitor patients from their first admission until they are ready to return to their own. Not to mention that nurses also provide care for the families of the patient more often than not. Therefore, nurses play vital role in all health care environments. However, most nurses view their job as rewarding somehow because being able to provide care and give support not only physically but emotionally as well earn personal satisfaction and happiness.

challenges faced by nurses
challenges faced by nurses

What are the biggest challenges faced by nurses?

It is clear that nurses today are not doctor’s ‘handmaidens’. their duties and responsibilities are in wide range. Their skills are not only physical. They should have critical thinking and emotional intelligence in order to fulfill their responsibilities. Meanwhile, there are also main challenges face by nurses today, such as:

Long working hour is not uncommon in medical environments. And for nurses, they are required to work in extended hours most of the times even though they work by shifts. Overtime working and the abundance of fatigue are daily suffer for nurses. It might look usual but excessive fatigue can lead to medical errors and unable to participate in an event at Nurse fatigue has been one of the most talked issues. Working for more than 12 hours a day is truly draining physically and mentally for nurses.

Staffing shortage

Staffing shortage is also one of the main problems nurses face today. With the short staffing, nurses are required to work overtime. They stay late and work extra times with little to no sleep at all. Nurse is a high in demand occupation. Nurses are caregivers who provide care for patients thoroughly while they keep monitoring to their best interest. Lots of nurses are concerned because they think they don’t have enough time to provide proper care for patients and families. It is not easy to hire professional and reliable nurses as well so the issue of staffing shortage has become more serious in various health care environments.

challenges faced by nurses
challenges faced by nurses

Hazards in the workplace are also one of the most challenges faced by nurses on daily basis. There are various hazards in health care environments such as injuries, blood borne pathogens, cold and flu germs, hand-washing dermatitis, and more. Needle stick injuries are also one of the most common hazards experienced by nurses. Creating safe place for nurses to work without being exposed to hazards is challenging as it is.

Violence and Harassment

Violence and harassment in workplace are also main issues faced by nurses. There have been many nurses experience incident related to violence such as kicking, hitting, and beating. Being harassed by patients is also serious issue faced by nurses almost on daily basis. There have been reports of patient stalking, inappropriate social media contact, or physically assaulted at work. However, there have also been awareness initiatives taken to end this issue to make nurses feel safer.

Tips For Nurse To Stay Energized And Motivated During The Shifts

Nursing is a very stressful profession yet rewarding at the same time. Nurses work between shifts. However, it is also common for nurse to work overtime or in extended hours. They often stay late and come back to the workplace with lack of proper rest. As the result, it is easier for them to feel drained and fatigue most of the time. Nurses find it easy to take care of their patients. However, they find it harder to take care of their own health due to high demand to fulfill their responsibilities.

There are ways for nurses to stay energized and motivated during the shifts. Here are several of them:

Drink of plenty of water but limit caffeine intake. Caffeine is often considered as mood lifter or energy booster. However, it will only last for few hours before your energy is drained drastically. You feel even more exhausted than before playing judi bola. Making coffee consumption as daily habits can develop body tolerance. The longer you consume caffeine, the less effective it will be to boost energy. Replace caffeinated drink with healthier drinks such as fresh fruit juice, infused water, or just water.

Tips For Nurse To Stay Energized
Tips For Nurse To Stay Energized

Take a break and go outside even with little amount of time you have. Taking break is such a challenge for nurse. They are even often interrupted during their lunch break. However, it is highly recommended to steal a break when you can. Go outside even for 5 or 10 minutes. It helps recharge body mentally. Sunlight can help lift up the mood and energy after long hours work.

Eating right is also highly suggested for nurses. It is not easy to maintain well-balanced diet and watch what to eat. It is understandable for nurses to have difficulty in eating well. Sleep-deprived causes body to lose appetite. often, it causes body to crave sweets and carbs. This can ruin the balance of body which makes you feel so sleepy during the day. Eat more protein rich foods such as fatty fish. Choose healthy snacks for when you are hungry before meal time such as nuts or healthy energy bars.

Tips For Nurse To Stay Energized
Tips For Nurse To Stay Energized

Having ‘me time’ is hard for nurses. They often don’t have enough time to do their hobbies anymore once they work in professional medical setting. They even forget to take care of themselves. If are experiencing this currently, it is time to pay more attention to yourself. Aside from your health, you happiness does matter as well. When you have work-life balance, you won’t be too prone to stress or exhaustion. Find something fun you can do to relieve stress and fatigue.

Nurses are prone to stress and burnout because of the workload and duties. It can affect not only physically but also mentally. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to gain more support from others. Asking more support from families, friends, or colleagues is fine. It can help reduce the level of stress and elevate the moods. Talking the problems you experience with someone can also help reduce your anxiety.

Learn More About Nurses Responsibility and What They Do

Caring for patients is the primary role of nurses. They are in charge of taking care f health and well-being of every patient regardless of ethnic, religion, race, age, etc. Nurses are also responsible for communicating with other health professionals such as doctors and specialists. They are the ones who deliver medical records of patients to doctors. Other duties of nurses include administering medicine and treatment.

They are also responsible for checking up on vital signs of patients. Nurses basically have many duties and responsibilities to fulfill. It is not an easy job to handle. It requires good stamina and energy both physically and mentally.

What Nurses Do
Nurses Responsibility 

In the U.S itself, nurses make up for the biggest health care job. Nurses are always in demand. They play vital role in health care facilities. Job opportunities in high demand. Nursing is not an easy profession but it’s also rewarding both personally and professionally. Nurses are often viewed as life-saver just like doctors. Doctors usually specialize in particular area. However, nurses work in various situation and circumstances. They are required to coordinate the care for patient’s all aspect of health.

Nurses are basically caregivers or care providers. Doctors only take action accordingly and in certain period. Meanwhile, nurses are responsible to monitor from the start to finish. They are required to ensure prescriptions properly so they won’t interact negatively with one another. In general, nurses are more than doctor’s handmaidens like what they were seen in the past. Nurses have very great responsibility to the overall care of every patient.

Should nurses be registered?

A nurse should be registered in order to be able to provide proper care and monitor patients with the right procedure. Obtaining a nurse degree is a must for a nurse. Not to mention that they also should pass special exam call NCLEX-RN. There are also other licensing requirements that might be required differently in different state. To be a nurse, you should obtain at least an associate degree. It is the minimum education for you to get to have the NCLEX-RN exam. However, the demand has increased today. Most of employers are looking for nurses with bachelor’s degree.

nurse should be registered
nurse should be registered

Where are nurse’s workplaces?

It is easy to find registered nurses who work in hospitals. However, not all of them work there. There is wide range of facilities in which nurses can fulfill their roles such as pharmacies, bola 88,  schools, urgent care centers, home health care settings, clinics, doctor’s offices, etc. The basic role of nurses is to provide care to patients and assist health professionals. Thus, they can work basically anywhere patients are located.

You can see nurses who work at homes of patients with disabilities or elderly patients. Nurses’ skills are wide in range. They are skilled with various types of care. However, there are also nurses specialize in specific fields such as pediatrics, critical care, case management, treatment planning, or geriatrics. Specific nursing fields mean different education requirements.

Main Duties Of Nurses To Know About

Nurses play vital role in medical settings. They are there to provide care for every patient. Nurses are not uncommon occupation. In fact, almost everyone has familiar with nurses and what they do in basic. However, there are still many misconceptions about nurse duties and responsibilities. Nursing is not an easy profession. It requires fitness and well-being both physically and mentally.

Most people though that nursing is about tasks and skills in providing care needed of patients. Nurses are also required to have critical thinking because they are often faced with various situations and circumstances. They should understand and comprehend what is happening to the patient.

Duties Of Nurses
Duties Of Nurses

Nurses also should be able to know what kind of tasks/actions to perform for the patient’s best interest. Nurses should know what to anticipate from said actions. Sometimes, they anticipate don’t the actual outcomes. Thus, nurses should take another action to overcome it.

Live Saver

In the past, people only view nurses as doctor’s “handmaidens’’. However, nurses are beyond role. Nurses play significant role in medical settings. They are also life saver for every patients. Nurse hold vital responsibilities and duties on daily basis. They are the ones who care for patients from the start of their admission to the times they recover and complete the treatment.

Nurses are responsible for monitoring patient’s health. They are the ones who usually notice if there are any irregularities and problems. For example, the labs will provide the results of a patient’s medical test. The nurses are the one who review the result. Then, they make decisions and communicate the problems or concerns to the other care team or health professionals such as doctors or specialists.

live saver
live saver

Nurses are now often relied for giving suggestions especially during diagnosis and care planning. It is because they are the ones who keep monitoring the patients. They know the patient’s health condition and progress the most.

Teaching is also part of duty nurses posses that most people are unaware of. Nurses have responsibility to teach and educate their patients including the patient’s families. They educate about procedures, illness, as well as symptoms. Therefore, patients and their families will know how to care for themselves and their family member once they are out of the health care environment.

Broader Duties

Nurses also have duty of broader context in giving care to patients. It is beyond the health care environment. Nurses has duty related to holistic approach in nursing their patients. Nurses are allowed to provide care in the matter of mental, physical, and spiritual perspectives when treating their patients. Furthermore, providing emotional support is part of duty that is often viewed as rewarding for nurses. It is not only the patient they are supporting with, but also the families.

Nurse is a challenging occupation where you are required to give physical and emotional support while being restricted by the protocols. Nursing is basically technical work with specific protocols and procedures to ensure safety and cleanliness of patients.